•  What items are to be washed?
•  How much will be washed per day, how many hours and days per week?
•  How much does the load weigh, and what is it made of?
•  Is it sensitive to chemicals and/or temperature?

•  How shall the machine be filled – manually, mechanically or automatically?
•  Is there a desire for automation – if possible?
•  What are the requirements for the cleaning level – visually clean, protein test, or ..?

•  Shall the items also be disinfected – for example, chemically or thermally?
•  Are there fragrances/flavours that can be transferred?
•  Is there any requirement for active drying?

•  How are the installation conditions, water quality, drainage conditions, ventilation and access conditions?
•  Shall warming take place with steam or electricity?
•  Does some of the water have to be recycled?

•  Is the machine required to be built into the floor?
•  Is there a need for process documentation, bar codes, RFID or other collection of data from the washing process to the central server?
•  What are the requirements for documentation?

Once we have received answers to all relevant questions, we will be in a good position to put together exactly the washing solution that solves your challenges in the best way possible. We offer complete washing solutions. This means that our solutions provide all that is needed to create value ”for customers”.