Hygiene is a critical focal point

KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS are specialists when it comes to cleaning critical equipment in the food industry. Our solutions meet the industry’s stringent demands in terms of hygiene and efficiency. We always incorporate our solutions in your production facilities in scrupulous detail, making the washing process a natural, efficient part of the production flow. Good hygiene is not just crucial to the health of customers and staff – the reputation of the company, and in a worst-case scenario its very survival, are at stake. You simply must take hygiene seriously.

Staying in the black with green solutions

Washing solutions from KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS are developed with minimal consumption of water, chemicals and energy in mind. This makes sense for the many companies committed to reducing their costs and their environmental footprint at the same time. We have developed a keen eye for applicable economic and operational realities thanks to many years of partnership with the food industry. This is why we prioritise reliability, long service life and low water and energy consumption when we devise our solutions.

All our solutions are developed and assembled at our own plant in Denmark. This gives us full control over quality while also allowing us to ensure that products and processes are documented in full.

     Detailed documentation and GMP

Every solution from KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS is fully documented according to CE marking requirements. And of course it complies with all the norms and standards applicable to hygiene, quality and safety. Naturally, we always provide documentation in accordance with the agreement. We develop and assemble our machines at our plant in Denmark, which gives us full control over quality from start to finish. If you require it, you will receive paperwork for every detail, as all materials, components, and processes in a washing solution from KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS are meticulously documented.

Good Manufacturing Practice We take more than external requirements and standards into account. We will of course also consider the GMP standards under which your business operates. The close dialogue with you regarding the identification of specific user requirements and the ongoing reconciliation of design in relation to your requirements play an essential and integral role in our cooperation.