Detailed documentation and GMP

Every solution from KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS is fully documented according to CE marking requirements. And of course, it complies with all the norms and standards applicable to hygiene, quality, and safety. Naturally, we always provide documentation in accordance with the agreement.

KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS is certified in accordance with EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 14001.


Control of all materials and processes

We develop and assemble our machines at our plant in Denmark, which gives us full control over quality from start to finish. If you require it, you will receive paperwork for every detail, as all materials, components, and processes in a washing solution from KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS are meticulously documented.

Good Manufacturing Practice

We take more than external requirements and standards into account. We will of course also consider the GMP standards under which your business operates. The close dialogue with you regarding the identification of specific user requirements and the ongoing reconciliation of design in relation to your requirements play an essential and integral role in our cooperation.