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Intelligent and sustainable solution for cleaning process equipment

In these days KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS A/S is introducing our new multifunctional Equipment Washer Disinfector IQ10. For 75 years, KEN’s washing solutions have been characterized by high functionality, solid Danish quality and efficient utilization of resources. Our IQ10 is certainly no exception. IQ10 has been developed as the ideal solution for achieving the highest possible […]

Challenges in efficient and safe changeovers

Protecting the companies brand Secure quality and hygiene safety with a controlled hygiene process. Secure quality and hygiene safety with a controlled hygiene process Growing demand for high quality cosmetic products and dietary supplements Securing a controlled hygiene process Stay competitive in a growing market Safety against cross-contamination Documentable and repeatable process Prolong shelf-life with […]

Qualification and validation of utensil washers

The process of qualification and validation needs to ensure a safe and efficient cleaning process throughout the life cycle of the system. Compliance with regulations and requirements in constant change is a key challenge in the pharmaceutical industry. Managed the right way, it allows for continual improvements.

KEN releases state-of-the-art GMP utensil washers

The GMP utensil washers are designed for cleaning utensils in API production.