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Collaboration on sustainable hygiene solutions

At KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS, we offer a wide range of washing solutions designed to meet the very stringent demands to hygiene, documentation and validation that many companies are faced with on the market today. Simultaneously with a focus on a high hygienic quality, KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS takes a starting point in sustainable solutions. To read […]

Automatic cleaning of IBC containers

An automated cleaning solution that cleans IBC containers on the inside and outside in one process with great success. Overcoming challenges There can be a large amount of residue in a container when it arrives at a wash station. A lot of businesses wash their IBC containers by hand, which is a very time-consuming, resource-draining […]

Does your HACCP identify cleaning of critical process equipment as a risk?

Does your HACCP identify cleaning of critical process equipment as a risk? When working in operational management, it is important to identify ways to optimize production flow. Another extremely important point to address is hygiene. The highest hygiene level The KEN Equipment Washer Disinfector series offers the highest possible hygiene level meeting the most stringent […]

Custom-made solutions in a standard machine

The process of washing and disinfecting is often considered “a necessary evil” in the food industry.Especially when it comes to washing and disinfecting the most critical process equipment which cannot just be washed in a typical manual process. During our dialogues with the customers, we find out their specific needs and discuss how we can […]

Automation of fish processing

Implementation of fully automated processing lines are needed to remain competitive. Applying an automatic hygiene process secures a consistent quality and a high level of food safety.

Understanding customer needs through close cooperation

Inspection of test wash of trolleys for smoked cod roe

Optimising food safety with a verified process

Optimised food safety requires a high level of hygiene In order to maintain competitiveness, food manufacturers focus strongly on process optimisation. However, optimised food production requires a high level of hygiene to guarantee safe products.