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Challenges in the fish processing industry

Today, many food manufacturers operate in a highly competitive market with customers demanding high-quality products, and as a result, costs prices are increasing. Also, food safety has always been important, and COVID-19 increases the focus on eliminating cross-contamination. As demand for high-quality raw materials increases and focus on safety is accelerating, the processing of fish […]

Challenges for manufacturers of confectionary and nut products

Today, many food manufacturers operate in a highly competitive market with increasing cost prices and increased demands for food safety and process optimization. For these reasons the streamlining of production processes is of vital importance. Many companies experience, concurrently with the streamlining of the production, that production restructuring can lead to bottlenecks, which can impede […]

Cleaning out of place (COP)

It is not always possible to clean process equipment using CIP (Clean in place). To ensure a safe cleaning the use of COP is necessary, this utilizes an automated process which is much safer than manual cleaning. Cleaning out of place (COP) requires a partial or complete dismantling of the process equipment, after which it […]

Reliable, sustainable and hygienic wash of knives

With an increased focus on food safety, it is necessary to secure a high level of hygiene in all production processes. Especially in the abattoirs, hygiene is increasingly becoming a critical focus area. KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS has through many years delivered washing solutions to companies with high demands to hygiene and an efficient production flow. […]

Avoid cross-contamination between different production batches

As hygiene is increasingly becoming a critical focus area, it is important to identify ways in which it is possible to optimize the production flow, while ensuring that hygiene does not become a risk. Therefore, it is crucial to address safe and uniform washing of critical process equipment. Many manufatures apply multihead weighers to enhance […]