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Qualification and validation of utensil washers

The process of qualification and validation needs to ensure a safe and efficient cleaning process throughout the life cycle of the system. Compliance with regulations and requirements in constant change is a key challenge in the pharmaceutical industry. Managed the right way, it allows for continual improvements.

KEN releases state-of-the-art GMP utensil washers

The GMP utensil washers are designed for cleaning utensils in API production.

Automation of fish processing

Implementation of fully automated processing lines are needed to remain competitive. Applying an automatic hygiene process secures a consistent quality and a high level of food safety.

Understanding customer needs through close cooperation

Inspection of test wash of trolleys for smoked cod roe

Optimising food safety with a verified process

Optimised food safety requires a high level of hygiene In order to maintain competitiveness, food manufacturers focus strongly on process optimisation. However, optimised food production requires a high level of hygiene to guarantee safe products.