Today, many food manufacturers operate in a highly competitive market with customers demanding high-quality products, and as a result, costs prices are increasing. Also, food safety has always been important, and COVID-19 increases the focus on eliminating cross-contamination.

As demand for high-quality raw materials increases and focus on safety is accelerating, the processing of fish and shellfish places high demand on the hygiene of the process equipment.

Several studies from the salmon industry show how pathogenic bacteria, such as Listeria monocytogenes, are transferred from the contaminated process equipment to the processed products.

This leaves a great need to address food hygiene safety to ensure safe and healthy products.

Automated hygiene process
By using an Equipment Washer Disinfector from KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS, companies can achieve the uniformitythat is crucial to eliminate the spread of bacteria, thus ensuring a high product quality.

The wash philosophy of our KEN Equipment Washer Disinfectors is to change the water between each washing phase, which means that the risk of cross contamination between the different production shifts is eliminated, thus obtaining an increased food safety.

Recommended Equipment Washer Disinfector EWD 25 & 50
Recommended Equipment Washer Disinfector EWD 20

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