Today, many food manufacturers operate in a highly competitive market with increasing cost prices and increased demands for food safety and process optimization. For these reasons the streamlining of production processes is of vital importance.

Many companies experience, concurrently with the streamlining of the production, that production restructuring can lead to bottlenecks, which can impede the objective. Therefore, it is essential to identify the bottlenecks and initiate ways to manage and possibly even remove this constraint.

As an example, in connection with production optimization, production shifts become more critical than before – whether the company shifts to more frequent productions shifts or fewer production shifts;

The necessary but unwanted downtime due to production shifts raises questions about how quickly the company can efficiently be up and running again. Often it results in a quick and easy cleaning of the critical process equipment, so that the production stands still for the shortest possible time.

With an Equipment Washer Disinfector from KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS you get a hygiene solution that ensures the highest possible hygiene level and comply with the most stringent demands from the food industry. Likewise, the necessary uniformity required to control the spread of product residue and allergenic ingredients is achieved.

Recommended Equipment Washer Disinfector EWD 25 & 50
Recommended Equipment Washer Disinfector EWD 20

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