It is not always possible to clean process equipment using CIP (Clean in place). To ensure a safe cleaning the use of COP is necessary, this utilizes an automated process which is much safer than manual cleaning.

Cleaning out of place (COP) requires a partial or complete dismantling of the process equipment, after which it is placed in some kind of washing station. Hereby, this is partly an automated process, as the process equipment are dismantled manually, however, the wash takes place in an automated washing solution, thus contributing to a uniform washing process. Thereby, COP requires minimal manual work, which reduces the risk of human errors.

KEN’s safe solution

By applying an Equipment Washer Disinfector from KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS, it is possible to dismantle the process equipment directly from the production line, which is then placed on a specially designed rack, and then driven into the Equipment Washer Disinfector for washing and disinfection.

Sustainable Solution

What is the minimum amount of water, detergent and energy needed to ensure optimum cleanness? This is a question that we constantly ask ourselves.

At KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS, we constantly optimize our washing processes in order to reduce resource consumption, which also contribute to a reduction of the environmental impact. We work hard to keep the consumption of water and detergents at the lowest level, while providing the highest possible hygiene level of the critical process equipment.

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Recommended Equipment Washer Disinfector EWD 25 & 50
Recommended Equipment Washer Disinfector EWD 20