As hygiene is increasingly becoming a critical focus area, it is important to identify ways in which it is possible to optimize the production flow, while ensuring that hygiene does not become a risk. Therefore, it is crucial to address safe and uniform washing of critical process equipment.

Many manufatures apply multihead weighers to enhance their precision, productivity and output. By selecting multihead weighers that offer the best and most accurate output, it allows for faster and more frequent switches between different production batches. This results in an increased productivity as well as reduced downtime between the different production batches.

The achieved effect of increased accuracy and productivity must not pose a threat towards the hygiene safety. Therefore, it is essential to consider the different washing opportunities in order to obtain the highest possible level of hygiene safety, thus eliminating the risk of cross-contamination between the different production batches.

A washing solution with KEN Equipment Washer Disinfector seriers offers the highest possible level of hygiene and meets the most stringent requirements from the food industry.

Recommended Equipment Washer Disinfector EWD 25 AND EWD 50

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