The European cannabis industry is growing rapidly and more and more European countries legalize medical cannabis.
In 2018, more than six new countries announced medical cannabis legalization, patient numbers increased by 40% month on month and more than 150 million euro was invested in the European cannabis industry. Moreover, the European cannabis industry grew more in the first six months of 2018 than in the previous five years, according to “The European Cannabis Report”.

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Recommended Equipment Washer Disinfector EWD 5000 AND EWD 6000

For bigger equipment please see our CC 1200 CC 1300 CONTAINER CLEANER

KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS delivers washing solutions to hospitals, laboratories, pharma and the food industry. Concretely, we are involved in solving washing problems in connection with cannabis production – especially the challenges of washing the “resin-like” substance from API’s left on drying carts and in processing equipment from grinders, scissors etc.

– A cleaning process in compliance with GMP requirements

✓  Safety against cross-contamination

✓  Assists safe uniform reproduction of batches

✓  Automatic and validated washing processes

✓  Ensuring auditable procedures (audit-trails)

✓  Documentation in accordance with the industry needs/requirements

✓  Great flexibility (can wash both processing equipment and drying carts)

✓  Sparring in the design phase (hygiene and production flow)

“It is key for a manufacturer to fully understand the processes and procedures of these agencies to successfully operate. Without full GMP compliance to the specifications of these important stakeholders, no manufacturer can distribute products within their member state, nor export to other member states, posing a significant risk to stakeholders of companies seeking to utilize this model.”

Source: The European Cannabis Report, January 2019