Does your HACCP identify cleaning of critical process equipment as a risk? When working in operational management, it is important to identify ways to optimize production flow. Another extremely important point to address is hygiene. The highest hygiene level The KEN Equipment Washer Disinfector series offers the highest possible hygiene level meeting the most stringent demands from food and beverage, biotech and pharma industries. Our wash/disinfection philosophy is to change the water between the different phases; eliminating the risk from cross-contamination of allergens, Listeria, etc. Thermal disinfection at temperatures above 90 °C ensures an unmatched result and this safety. Throughout the last 76 years, we have developed a vast number of wash principles, ensuring the best possible coverage/efficiency for any particular task. For example, the KEN Equipment Washer Disinfector EWD 25/50 is equipped with wash arms positioned between shelves on which items are placed. The wash arms move horizontally whilst turning 360 degrees. This ensures exceptional coverage, 360 degrees around the item. Alternatively, a wash frame can be introduced or water connections for customized trollies. This way our dependable Equipment Washer Disinfectors are effective tools in allergen control and elimination of cross-contamination. Great flexibility Our Washer Disinfectors are extremely flexible and multifunctional. They can be used for cleaning of unlimited types of process equipment. Improves work environment and procedures Our Equipment Washer Disinfectors have a robust streamlined design with excellent access to all areas for ease of maintenance and cleaning. The wash and rinse cycles are fully programmable with simple program selection for operator convenience. The insulated sandwich construction of the machines ensures a surface temperature of no more than 40 degrees and assists the Equipment Washer Disinfectors to be very quiet in operation. This contributes to a safe and improved work environment.