Custom-made solutions in a standard machine.

It is great to be popular for the right reasons.

In connection with a yearly service visit at a customer, our service technician met a very enthusiastic staff who told him that the machine is extremely popular in the organization – thus several departments in the factory had introduced equipment that is now being washed and disinfected in our Equipment Washer Disinfector 5000. In this way, the factory optimizes the overall hygiene and production flow.

The process of washing and disinfecting is often considered “a necessary evil” in the food industry.Especially when it comes to washing and disinfecting the most critical process equipment which cannot just be washed in a typical manual process.

During our dialogues with the customers, we find out their specific needs and discuss how we can help them to optimise their production flow. The needs of our customers are always first priority and our experienced specialists work closely with the customers to achieve the best possible solution.

In several situations, we recognise the customer’s perception of the necessary evil, and even more often, we meet customers that – after having invested in a solution from KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS – express that washing can be accomplished easily, safely and uniformly.

The great flexibility our different solutions offer to the customers also gives the customers almost undreamt-of opportunities to use the machine for “additional process equipment”.

Custom-made solutions in a standard machine = A popular machine!

Clean, Lean & Green