For the past 12 months, Johanning Snack GmbH & Co. KG has been washing and disinfecting critical production equipment by use of a KEN Equipment Washer Disinfector EWD 25.

Scheduled service

When it comes to hygiene and safety in their production, the company operates in a controlled and targeted manner. For this reason, they have requested scheduled service visits from KEN service technicians to ensure operation continues to be efficient and safe.

Hygiene and efficiency is important

Based on our background in the healthcare sector, we know the importance of meeting high standards in hygiene and efficiency. Therefore our solutions fully match the requirements in other sectors such as the food industry.

We always incorporate the solutions carefully into the customer’s production in order for the washing process to become integrated as a natural and efficient part of their production flow.

Compliant process

Johanning Snack GmbH & Co. KG applies an EWD 25 to maintain the highest levels of hygiene. Using clean water between each phase and adding a disinfection phase at the end of the process are vitally important to reduce the risk of non-compliance of food safety requirements.

Meeting satisfied customers is always a pleasure!