Secure the longest shelf life with a high level of hygiene in the slicing department!

Recently we have experienced that several bakeries are struggling with hygiene safety challenges in their slicing department. The challenges of efficient cleaning of slicer-parts result in cross contamination with moulds – typically, spores from older bread end up in newer bread thus reducing shelf life due to mould growth.

Airborne spores are the cause of costly losses in production of bread. When contaminated slicing equipment comes into contact with fresh bread it ends the shelf life.

In many bakeries slicer-parts are cleaned in utensil washers that recirculate the washing water and finishes the washing cycle with a rinse of hot water. That is sufficient, you might think. However, bakeries experience that they continue to struggle with the spores.

Secure shelf life with EWD 25 and EWD 50

Washing and disinfecting slicer-parts is essential to control spores and prevent mould growth.

Optimize your hygiene process with an Equipment Washer Disinfector EWD 25 or EWD 50 from KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS.

The EWD 25 and EWD 50 are designed to change water between each washing phase. This secures an efficient washing of slicer-parts. Furthermore, the temperature of the water in the final rinse can be brought up to 92-95°C – disinfecting the slicer-parts.

Controlled and documented hygiene

Disinfection in a sealed cabinet prevents the escape of aerosols and exposure to the surroundings. Equipment Washer Disinfector EWD 25 and EWD 50 are designed with an insulated and sealed cabinet.

This ensures a constant, high temperature inside the washing chamber during the disinfection process.

The insulation of the cabinet also ensures that the surface temperature of the machine is kept at a safe level of maximum 40°C. Additionally the insulation significantly reduces the sound level – to the benefit of the operators.

The uniform, automated and documentable washing result enable you to achieve a controlled and safe operation that complies with the stringent hygiene requirements, bakeries are subject to.

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